JESTKOD Database – 2016

The JESTKOD database consists of dyadic interaction recordings of 10 participants, 4 female and 6 male, ages from 20 to 25. Agreement and disagreement interactions of the 5 dyads are collected in 5 sessions, all in Turkish. Each participant inter- acted with the same partner for both agreement and disagreement settings and only appeared in one session. In each session, there are 19-23 clip recordings of 2-4 minutes, where in each clip participants pick a topic that they agree or disagree, and engage into a dyadic interaction. The total duration of the recordings is 259 minutes.

The JESTKOD database is available upon request for academic purposes. You may contact E. Erzin.

Sample files from the JESTKOD

Audio-Visual Database (MVGL-AVD)

The MVGL audio-visual database has been collected for multimodal speaker identification/verification applications. The audio-visual data have been acquired using Sony DSR-PD150P video camera at Multimedia Vision and Graphics Laboratory of Ko├ž University. The database includes 50 subjects, where each subject utters ten repetitions of her/his name as the secret phrase. A set of impostor data is also available with each subject in the population, uttering five different names from the population.

The MVGL-AVD database is available upon request for academic purposes.

Sample images and videos from the MVGL-AVD database:

Story Telling Audio-Visual Database (MVGL-MASAL)

The MVGL-MASAL is a gesture-speech database. The database includes four recordings of a single subject telling stories in Turkish. Each story is approximately 7 minutes long and the total duration of the database is 27 min and 45 seconds. The audio-visual data is synchronously captured from the stereo camera and sound card. The stereo video includes only upper body gestures with 30 frames per second whereas the audio is recorded with 16 kHz sampling rate and 16 bits per sample.