MS Alumni

Hazan Ezgi İmer
A Wearable Sensory System Design for Spine Monitoring, 2017.
Kemal Emrecan Şahin
VSP-Managed DASH Video Services, 2017.
Gonca Bakar
Motion-Based Rate Control Using Scalable VP9 Video Coding for WebRTC Videoconferencing, 2018
E. Emre Yurdakul
Semantic Segmentation of RGBD Videos with Recurrent Fully Convolutional Neural Networks, 2017.
Serkan Sülün
Learned Frame Prediction for Video Compression, 2018.
Ogün Kırmemiş
Learned Image Restoration and Super-Resolution, 2018.
Zana Buçinca
Incorporating Affect Into Dialog Generation, 2019.
Rıza Arda Kırmızıoğlu
Multi-party WebRTC Videoconferencing using Scalable Video: From Best-Effort Over-the-top to Managed Value-Added Services, 2019.
Alper Kanak
Multimodal Speaker Identification with Audio-Video Processing, 2004.
Currently: Computer Engineering Department, Bahcesehir University.
Ulaş Bağcı
Boosting Classifiers for Automatic Music Genre Classification, 2005.
Currently: Assistant Professor, University of Central Florida (UCF).
H. Ertan Çetingül
Discrimination Analysis of Lip Motion Features for Multimodal Speaker Identification and Speech-Reading, 2005.
Currently: Medical Imaging Scientist, Siemens Medical Solutions.
Emrah Akyol
Adaptive Scalable Video Coding, 2005.
Currently: Postdoctoral Research Associate, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign.
Can James Wetherilt
A Volumetric Fusion Technique for Surface Reconstruction from Silhouettes and Optical Triangulation, 2005.
Currently: Senior Programmer, Firefly Studios.
M. Emre Sargın
Audio-Visual Correlation Modeling for Speaker Identification and Synthesis, 2006.
Currently: Software Engineer, Google.
Engin Kurutepe
Client-Driven Selective Streaming of Multiview Video for Interactive 3DTV, 2006.
Currently: General Manager, Keepsafe Labs.
Yusuf Sahillioğlu
A Surface Deformation Framework for 3D Shape Recovery, 2006.
Currently: Associate Professor, Middle East Technical University (METU).
Erhan Baş
Road and Traffic Analysis Analysis from Video, 2007.
Currently: Researcher, Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI).
Yasemin Demir
Music-Driven Dance Synthesis by Multimodal Dance Performance Analysis, 2008.
T. Berkin Çilingiroğlu
Optimal Selection of Encoding Configuration for Scalable and Multiple Description Video Coding, 2008.
Currently: Image Processing Engineer, DCG Systems.
C. Göktuğ Gürler
An Open-Standards Based Server-Client Model for Robust Streaming of Multi-View Content over the Internet, 2009.
Currently: Software Engineer, Google.
S. Cihan Bilir
Surface Tracking from Multiview Video, 2009
Currently: Innovation Consultant, SoftTech.
Elif Bozkurt
New Spectral Features and Classifier Architectures for Emotion Recognition from Spontaneous Speech, 2010.
Emre Öztürk
Driver Status Identification from Driving Behavior Signals, 2010.
Currently: System Test Engineer, Aselsan.
Can Yağlı
Artificial Bandwidth Extension of Speech Using Temporal Clustering, 2010.
Currently: ‎Associate, McKinsey & Company.
Özgün Genç
Depth-Guided Super-Resolution of 3D Video, 2010.
Currently: Senior Design Engineer, Vestel.
Görkem Saygılı
Optimization of Asymmetric Stereo Video Coding and Streaming, 2010.
Currently: Postdoctoral Researcher, Leiden University Medical Center (LUMC).
Emre Kalafatlar
Segmentation of Articulated 3D Mesh Sequences, 2010.
Currently: Software Engineer, Linxa.
Sedef Savaş
QoE Aware Multi-View Video Transmission over P2P Networks, 2011.
Currently: PhD Student, UC Davis.
Nuray Dindar Yıldız
Dynamic Force Due to Relative Motion in Haptic Video, 2011.
Currently: Software Engineer, Amazon Web Services.
Serkan Özkul
Speech Driven Upper Body Gesture Analysis and Synthesis, 2012.
Currently: Software Engineer, Microsoft.
Damla Kılıçarslan
Energy-Efficient and High-Performance Parallel Video Decoding Techniques, 2012.
Currently: Marketing Manager, Uber.
K. Tolga Bağcı
Adaptive Video Streaming over P2P Networks, 2012.
Currently: PhD Student, Koc University.
Hilmi Enes Eğilmez
Adaptive Video Streaming over Openflow Networks with Quality of Service, 2012.
Currently: PhD Student, University of Southern California (USC).
M. A. Tuğtekin Turan
Enhancement of Throat Microphone Recordings Using Gaussian Mixture Model Probabilistic Estimator, 2013.
Currently: PhD Student, Koc University.
Shabbir Marzban
Affect Burst Detection and Recognition, 2015.
Currently: Research Assistant, Lahore University of Management Sciences.
Sinan Keçeci
Multimodal Analysis of the JESTKOD database for Affective Dyadic Interactions, 2016.
Currently: Digital Analytics Engineer, ETStur.
Saman Zia
RGB-D Object Recognition Using Deep Convolutional Neural Networks, 2016.
Currently: Software Engineer, CBORD.
Kenan Kasarci
Real-Time Speech Driven Gesture Animation, 2016.
Currently: Software Engineer, LC Waikiki.