MS Alumni

Alper Kanak
Multimodal Speaker Identification with Audio-Video Processing, 2004.
Currently: Computer Engineering Department, Bahcesehir University.
Ulaş Bağcı
Boosting Classifiers for Automatic Music Genre Classification, 2005.
Currently: Assistant Professor, University of Central Florida (UCF).
H. Ertan Çetingül
Discrimination Analysis of Lip Motion Features for Multimodal Speaker Identification and Speech-Reading, 2005.
Currently: Medical Imaging Scientist, Siemens Medical Solutions.
Emrah Akyol
Adaptive Scalable Video Coding, 2005.
Currently: Postdoctoral Research Associate, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign.
Can James Wetherilt
A Volumetric Fusion Technique for Surface Reconstruction from Silhouettes and Optical Triangulation, 2005.
Currently: Senior Programmer, Firefly Studios.
M. Emre Sargın
Audio-Visual Correlation Modeling for Speaker Identification and Synthesis, 2006.
Currently: Software Engineer, Google.
Engin Kurutepe
Client-Driven Selective Streaming of Multiview Video for Interactive 3DTV, 2006.
Currently: General Manager, Keepsafe Labs.
Yusuf Sahillioğlu
A Surface Deformation Framework for 3D Shape Recovery, 2006.
Currently: Associate Professor, Middle East Technical University (METU).
Erhan Baş
Road and Traffic Analysis Analysis from Video, 2007.
Currently: Researcher, Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI).
Yasemin Demir
Music-Driven Dance Synthesis by Multimodal Dance Performance Analysis, 2008.
T. Berkin Çilingiroğlu
Optimal Selection of Encoding Configuration for Scalable and Multiple Description Video Coding, 2008.
Currently: Image Processing Engineer, DCG Systems.
C. Göktuğ Gürler
An Open-Standards Based Server-Client Model for Robust Streaming of Multi-View Content over the Internet, 2009.
Currently: Software Engineer, Google.
S. Cihan Bilir
Surface Tracking from Multiview Video, 2009
Currently: Innovation Consultant, SoftTech.
Elif Bozkurt
New Spectral Features and Classifier Architectures for Emotion Recognition from Spontaneous Speech, 2010.
Emre Öztürk
Driver Status Identification from Driving Behavior Signals, 2010.
Currently: System Test Engineer, Aselsan.
Can Yağlı
Artificial Bandwidth Extension of Speech Using Temporal Clustering, 2010.
Currently: ‎Associate, McKinsey & Company.
Özgün Genç
Depth-Guided Super-Resolution of 3D Video, 2010.
Currently: Senior Design Engineer, Vestel.
Görkem Saygılı
Optimization of Asymmetric Stereo Video Coding and Streaming, 2010.
Currently: Postdoctoral Researcher, Leiden University Medical Center (LUMC).
Emre Kalafatlar
Segmentation of Articulated 3D Mesh Sequences, 2010.
Currently: Software Engineer, Linxa.
Sedef Savaş
QoE Aware Multi-View Video Transmission over P2P Networks, 2011.
Currently: PhD Student, UC Davis.
Nuray Dindar Yıldız
Dynamic Force Due to Relative Motion in Haptic Video, 2011.
Currently: Software Engineer, Amazon Web Services.
Serkan Özkul
Speech Driven Upper Body Gesture Analysis and Synthesis, 2012.
Currently: Software Engineer, Microsoft.
Damla Kılıçarslan
Energy-Efficient and High-Performance Parallel Video Decoding Techniques, 2012.
Currently: Marketing Manager, Uber.
K. Tolga Bağcı
Adaptive Video Streaming over P2P Networks, 2012.
Currently: PhD Student, Koc University.
Hilmi Enes Eğilmez
Adaptive Video Streaming over Openflow Networks with Quality of Service, 2012.
Currently: PhD Student, University of Southern California (USC).
M. A. Tuğtekin Turan
Enhancement of Throat Microphone Recordings Using Gaussian Mixture Model Probabilistic Estimator, 2013.
Currently: PhD Student, Koc University.
Shabbir Marzban
Affect Burst Detection and Recognition, 2015.
Currently: Research Assistant, Lahore University of Management Sciences.
Sinan Keçeci
Multimodal Analysis of the JESTKOD database for Affective Dyadic Interactions, 2016.
Currently: Digital Analytics Engineer, ETStur.
Saman Zia
RGB-D Object Recognition Using Deep Convolutional Neural Networks, 2016.
Currently: Software Engineer, CBORD.
Kenan Kasarci
Real-Time Speech Driven Gesture Animation, 2016.
Currently: Software Engineer, LC Waikiki.