PhD Alumni

M. A. Tugtekin Turan
Use of Transfer Learning for Automatic Dietary Monitoring through Throat Microphone Recording, 2019.
Currently: Inria, Nancy
Emel Küpçü
Reliable 3D Shape Matching on Challenging Point Clouds Captured by Commodity Depth Cameras, 2018.
Altynbek Isabekov
On the Importance of Hidden Bias and Hidden Entropy in Representational Efficiency of the Gaussian-Bipolar Restricted Boltzmann Machines, 2018.
Currently: IQVIA, Frankfurt
K. Tolga Bağcı
Managed Video Services over Software Defined Networks, 2018.
Elif Bozkurt
Multimodal Analysis and Synthesis of Affective Interactions Between Speech Prosody and Expressions of Human Body, 2016.
Yusuf Sahillioğlu
Algorithms for 3D Isometric Shape Correspondence, 2012.
Currently: Associate Professor, Middle East Technical University (METU).
C. Göktuğ Gürler
Adaptive P2P Streaming with Application to Multi-View Video, 2013.
Currently: Software Engineer, Google.
Burak Görkemli
Adaptation Strategies for Scalable Video Streaming, 2010.
Currently: Senior Manager, Argela.
Ferda Ofli
Audiovisual Analysis for Learning and Synthesis of Dance Performances, 2010.
Currently: Researcher, Qatar Computing Research Institute (QCRI).
Tanır Özçelebi
Multiple Objective Optimization for Video Streaming, 2007.
Currently: Assistant Professor, Eindhoven University of Technology.